During the past two years we have been concentrating our efforts on expanding the number of known men of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage who volunteered to serve in the First World War.

Below are the names of 151 additions to the list published in June 2015 in the third edition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Volunteers for the AIF: The Indigenous Response to World War One. This named total enlistments as 945, a number which was subsequently slightly lowered in the light of fresh information.

The men named here are those who volunteered to serve in the AIF. Their records are contained in the collection of the National Archives of Australia in series B2455 First Australian Imperial Force Personnel Dossiers and series MT1486/1 Applications to enlist in the Australian Imperial Force. Those with records in MT1486/1 were unsuccessful as were a small proportion of men in series B2455. The men whose records are located in MT1486/1 are indicated by an asterisk*.

A complete list of men identified by Indigenous Histories will be published in the future in indigenoushistories.com. This list will be prefaced by a detailed explanatory note and will be updated as the continuing interest in Aboriginal service results in the discovery of the names of additional servicemen.

While the majority of the new names posted here have been the result of research by Indigenous Histories we would like to thank those who have shared their research or given advice including Michael Bell Indigenous Liaison Officer and Margaret Beadman, Australian War Memorial, Des Crump, State Library of Queensland, Sandra Smith, Dubbo NSW and Peter Bakker, Cranbourne Victoria.


Identification has been made from publicly available primary and secondary sources and family members. However we welcome corrections. As always, we also welcome information about the service of men so far unacknowledged.

Some issues relating to heritage and identification are addressed in Understanding the Numbers.

Each of the following names is accompanied by a service number. Where a second number appears in brackets this reflects the number named by the National Archives of Australia in June 2017 in NAA’s online database RecordSearch. This can differ from the most relevant number contained in a service record itself. When searching for a record in RecordSearch the number in brackets should be used.

Philippa Scarlett and Christine Cramer

15 June 2017



ANDERSON Robert Q22911 Depot (Q22911)

ARAN William N6516 (6519)

AULTON Gordon N/A *

AYLETT Claude 41

AYLETT Cyril 63236

AYLETT Lindsay 2288B

BAKER Walter James Depot

BEALE Samuel Edward Depot

BRETT John George 1886

BRETT John George 3251

BREWHOUSE James 4028

BRIGHT Stanley 4535 (2295 4535)

BROWN William Stanley 52635

BUDDSWORTH Joseph William 3971A (AKA Joseph William Hamilton)

BURNEY William 1821

BURNS John 1875

BURNS Thomas 1874

BURNS Sidney N/A *

CARTER Jack Depot

CHAPMAN Robert Arthur 2989

CLARK William N/A*

CLARKE Frederick 3693A

CLATEWORTHY Robert 1699A (AKA Robert Clatworthy)


COLLINS George 1621

COPLEY William Harold 5839/8840

DALEY William 3636

DAVIS Arthur John 2648

DAVISON Charles Henry Depot

DELANEY Myers N78126 (N/A)

DIXON James Depot

DUNCAN Bruce Stanford 57536

EDWARDS John Goldsmith Claude 5086

EDWARDS Lance Hampton 5087

FARRELL Richard Alfred 3618

FINLAY Willie N/A *

FINN Joseph Harold Roland N/A *

FLETCHER Joseph 435

FRANCES William Lindsay 3637

FRENCH Arthur John N/A *

FRENCH Percy Alfred 3295

GALVIN William John 1132 (record amalgamated with WW2 NAA record N42544)

GARNER Robert George 5105

GRAHAME James Depot (N/A)

GREEN Amos Depot N94991 (Depot 94991)

GREEN Clarence Clifton 6014

GREEN Harold Marcus 603 (Depot 56112 603)

HAMILTON Henry Claude 3162A

HAMILTON Herbert 3742

HARPUR Patrick Bertrand 2431

HARWARD Arthur Walter 17209

HARWARD Robert Percy 443

HEARN George 5352

HICKEY George William N/A *

HICKEY John 3041

HILL Percy 139

HITE Charles Ethelbert 2843

HITE Edgar William 2844

HITE John 411

HOOD John N/A *

JACKSON Charles N/A *

JACKSON Oswald N/A *

JONES David John 1677

JONES Sydney Gerald 1573

KELLY Edward 1986

KENNEDY Francis N84988 (first enlistment as Samuel Francis Kennedy N/A*)

KENNEDY Phillip N/A *

KING Charles Roy 804

KNIGHT Lilley 4529

LATWOOD Charles 5424

LEANE Edmund William N/A *


MAKINSON John 2184A (2184)

MARKS William N/A *

MASON Allan 1962

MASON Leslie 3412

MAURER Cecil Samuel 259

MAYBURY Edward N51831

McCARTHY Herbert 698 744

McCARTHY John Joseph James 257

McCARTHY John Thomas 3195

McFARLANE Robert Alexander Malcolm 1708

METHMEN Charles 6801

MORGAN Albert Joseph N/A *

MORRIS William Albert N/A *

MUIR Charles Andrew 55667

MURRAY Norman N/A *

MURRAY Percival Harry 1948

MURRY Walter Patrick N/A *

NEVILLE John Q20765 Depot (20765)

PEARCE John 5954

PETERS Harry N/A *

POWELL John 497

PURVIS Harold 2728


RAWSON Alfred Chas N/A *

RAWSON Alfred Ernest 3339

READ William N/A *

REAKES Clarence Lancelot 5098

REAKES Leslie Marmaduke 2209

REAKES Mervyn Royal 1979

RICHARDS George Henry 601

RICHARDS John Alfred 602

ROE Cornelius Edwin 5187

ROGERS William Edward 68001

ROSE James Wallace N/A *

RUSSELL Daniel N/A *

RYAN George 57261 (Q23574)

RYAN Alfred James 1802

SHERRY Denis 2179

SIMPSON Charles Arthur 8969

SINCLAIR Arthur Smith 7776A (7776)

SINCLAIR Francis Darcy 2169

SINCLAIR Henry Edgar 2158

SMALE Walter Edward 794

SMITH Hugh Percival N/A *

SMITH William N12253 (Depot 12253)


SORBY Charles Depot

SORBY Joseph Henry George 551

STAFFORD Walter James 1310

STAFFORD William Henry 1909

STEWART Herbert Robert Depot (7448)

STEWART Robert N94031 (Depot 94031)

STEWART Sidney Harold 899

SULLIVAN Sylvester 7879 (AKA Samuel Brown and Darcy Wills)

SUSAN Alfred 1406

TAYLOR William 2259

TIGHE William James 57648

TRINDALL William Buckingham N/A *

UPRIGHT Charles N/A *

URQUHART Edward 3294

WALKER Robert William Q20346 Depot (Q20346)

WALLACE George Percy 1931

WALLACE William John N88878

WALSH Arthur 2050

WALSH Charles 24222

WANDIN Frank N/A *

WATTS Norman Alfred Henry 2667

WESTBURY John James 2206

WESTBURY William Charles 421

WHEATLEY George Robert 1833

WHEATLEY David Walker Marshall Robert 326 and 6876 (AKA Weekley)

WHEATLEY William Henry Kenneth 1593 and 6146

WIDDERS Claude 66289

WIDDERS Reginald Ralph  N95859 (95859)



WILLIAMS Arthur Edward Depot

WILLIE Sandye Q23125 Depot (Depot)

YEO William Henry 3516





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  1. Paul Mackett says:

    Well don.

  2. Paul Mackett says:

    Should be Well done.

  3. Thank you Paul. My total listing first published in 2011 and added to regularly owes so much to you and the information in your website Centre for Indigenous Family History Studies http://www.cifhs.com/. This continues to be an invaluable source and is one of the first places I turn to when confronted with a suggested name or an identification query.

  4. Rebecca Linton says:

    Hi there
    Are you taking details from Australia-wide? If so, I’m happy to provide you with the details of another WW1 soldier to add to your list- with an interesting story of how his details were quite literally stumbled upon. He deserves, as all soldiers should be, to never be forgotten.

  5. Daniel says:

    Hi, great work ensuring these men get the recognition they deserve.

    I am a descendant if William Buckingham Trindall. Although we are Aboriginal, I was of the view that William was not. Can you please advise if you have any other information on this please? Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry Daniel for the delay in reply will investigate – any information you can give from your end would be appreciated

    • William Buckingham Trindall and other Trindalls ares mentioned in page 66 of Don Elphick’s Alphabetical Index of the Location of the Aborigines at the time of their Mention
      in the Minutes of the NSW Aboriginal Protection Board (APB: 1890 – 1939)
      and the Aboriginal Welfare Board
      (AWB: 1939 – 1969) see below
      This is the reference we have used for William Trindall but if you have information to the contrary please let me know.

      Trindall Bernard (b.27.12.22) 19 Jun 1951 EC Narrabri
      Trindall Joseph Robert (b.2.8.25) 14 Dec 1948 EC Narrabri
      Trindall William Buckingham (56) 18 May 1948 EC Narrabri

    • Christine Cramer says:

      Hi Daniel,

      There were two men by the name of William Buckingham Trindall, both descendants of the original William Buckingham Trindall, born circa 1831 in Maitland and not Aboriginal. One of the descendants was Aboriginal and the other one not. The non-Aboriginal one was born in 1889 in Narrabri (NSW Reg. 28941) and died in 1973 in Narrabri, parents William and Jane (NSW Reg. 70346). He married Clara Harris in 1913 (NSW Reg. 11056).

      The Aboriginal one was born about 1891 and died in 1975, parents Bartholomew and Katherine (NSW Reg. 104801). His mother was Kate Purser and he married Rose Ruttley in 1919 (NSW Reg. 9487).


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Daniel, I too am a descendant of William Buckingham Trindall b. 1831 d. 1907 is this the WB Trindall in your tree line?

  6. Dianna says:

    Hello Philippa – I would like to purchase the latest edition of your book on the WWI indigenous Soldiers for our family history society – can you give me a clue as to where I might buy it? I have searched the web but can’t find anything. Dianna

  7. Hello Diana I would be happy to send you a copy of the latest edition of my book. It costs $30 plus postage.I can send to your address if you can supply it – preferably to my email address indigenous.histories@netspeed.com.au. I’d be interest to know where your society is located.

  8. stuart catlin says:

    hi my great grandfather is one of the new additions I would love a copy of your book please

  9. Raelene Gerdes says:

    I am wondering about Herbert Barwick or Cickie Barwick who enlisted with the AIF.

    • Hi Raelene I am happy to investigate if you can supply more detail – eg where they are from and any other information you have. If you want you can email me – my email is indigenous.histories@netspeed.com.au Philippa

      • Tracy says:

        Hello Philips

        I believe I am the great great niece of George Henry Richards. We think he joined the AIF with his cousin Alfred John Richards in Moree.
        I have spent time looking through George’s record from the NAA and although it describes him as having a “dark” complexion, I can’t find anything else that indicates he is an Aboriginal man. Would you please advise what information you used to add George and Alfred to this list?
        By the way, this recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander soldiers is fantastic work.

    • Have just done some checking

      I wonder if Herbert is the brother of Robert Barwick already listed in my book. Robert Barwick is the great-grandson of Louisa Talbot (nee Blackman). His mother, Christina Wortley was the sister of the Wortley soldiers who I also list with spelling variations Wartley and Watley. Perhaps he is Cickie Do you know ?
      Here are Herbert’s details on the NAA site. You can read his service record which is digitised there.
      Barwick Herbert : SERN DEPOT 1617 : POB Dubbo NSW : POE Narrabri NSW : NOK W Barwick Nina
      And here are Robert’s:
      Barwick Robert : SERN DEPOT : POB Narrabri NSW : POE Narrabri NSW : NOK F Barwick Robert

  10. Raelene Gerdes says:

    Herbert Barwick’s NOK was Nina (Louise nee Trindall). I am not sure about Robert Barwick.

  11. There seems a connection as both NOKs give same address Balonne St Narrabri see records
    https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=3055148 and
    Robert’s father was also Robert.
    Here is his birth registration

    This looks like Herberts’ birth registration
    Perhaps cousins Can you fill in more detail

  12. Talena Garfitt says:

    Hi I was just wondering if I can find out some more information regarding STEWART Robert N94031 (Depot 94031)

    Where can I found out his full name and DOB etc looking for my grandfather

  13. Susan Bailey says:

    Was wondering how I can purchase a copy of your book

  14. Jake Bourke says:

    Hello ,
    My great grandfather was Charles sorby.
    I was just wondering how I could possibly obtain any more info on him it’s awesome to see him get recognition.

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