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Philippa Scarlett

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  1. Kay Paton says:

    The village of Yendon (near Ballarat) rededicated its restored Avenue of Honour in April 2014. Each year, the History Group publishes a small pictorial calendar (60-80 copies), and the 2015 edition will focus on WW1. The first page of each calendar has recognised our local indigenous people, and this time I propose to acknowledge the contribution paid by indigenous soldiers in WW1. We have no-one local, but will include just a general brief comment. I would like to use the group photo from the top of your page as an illustration of these men. Your page would be acknowledged in the calendar.

    • It’s great you are acknowledging Indigenous WW1 service. There would be no problem about using the photos of men I have grouped together to form the picture at the top of my website pages. The man on the left is Walter Christopher Saunders a Victorian Gunditjmara man. Would you prefer to show more of the men? I show a full image of each man not just head and shoulders on the cover of my book on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Volunteers for the AIF. Perhaps you could email me at

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